Why We Love Zumba (and you should, too)

Zumba is one of the most popular search terms on our website, with good reason. The Latin-inspired dance workout has exploded in popularity since its invention more than a decade ago. It works for all ages, provides excellent results, and — perhaps most importantly — it’s fun. For all those reasons, and a few more, we love Zumba. And you should, too.

1 .Zumba doesn’t require a lot of equipment

Step into a Zumba group fitness class, and you’ll notice there isn’t a lot of equipment. Because Zumba uses rhythmic movement to tone your muscles, the only tool you absolutely need is your own body. Sometimes, instructors may opt to incorporate small hand weights or step-up risers. But those generally are provided in class, and they’re not critical to the workout.

2. Zumba makes the time fly

If you’re short on time or easily bored, Zumba is the group fitness class for you. Classes generally provide a full-body workout in less than an hour. And because you’re learning new steps and having fun, the time seems to fly by.

3 .The music is a hit

The music chosen for Zumba workouts is upbeat, energizing and full of rhythms to get you moving. Because Zumba uses modern music, new songs always are being added to the list. And Zumba instructors use those songs to create exciting choreography. Zumba music is so popular that thousands of people have purchased albums, such as Zumba Fitness Dance Party, to enjoy outside the fitness studio.

4. Zumba is great for burning fat

Compared to other workouts, Zumba is highly effective at burning fat

A 70-year-old who weighs 150 pounds burns about 270 calories in a 30-minute Zumba class. That’s a better burn than walking, jogging, cycling and even moderate swimming. If you want to lose excess weight and slim down, but you’re not really an outdoor exerciser, Zumba can help.

5 .There’s no guesswork

Not a great dancer? Not a problem.

Zumba classes require no previous experience with group fitness or dance. The instructor tells you exactly what you need to be doing, and class participants are there to mess up alongside you.

Whether your footwork is flawless or a flop, the point is to get moving and have a blast.

Zumba is easily customized

If you’re not terribly flexible, keep your motions comfortable. If you’re a klutz, simplify your footwork. If your endurance isn’t what it used to be, cut out a few steps.

Your Zumba instructor can help you customize your workout to your abilities, so the class never is too tough or too easy. That’s different from one-size-fits-all workouts that might make you feel overwhelmed or under-challenged.


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