What Is The Best Tasting Weight Gainer in 2017

best weight gainersOne of the first things many guys do when trying to pack on more muscle mass or gain weight  is to buy a weight gain powder. These bodybuilding supplements have been around along time and all of them promise a high calorie shake packed with muscle building nutrients.

The problem is with so many mass gain supplements available its hard to tell what is the best weight gainer on the market. The answer may shock you but none of them are very good in my opinion.

This is the reason why we recommend them for you.

Best Tasting Weight Gainer 2017

Why I Don’t Like Pre Made Mass Gain Supplements

Aside from being very expensive most commercially made weight gainers have many inferior ingredients and are also loaded with other chemicals and compounds to preserve the product, add flavor and basically add useless calories. In The end most supplement companies are only concerned with getting the most profit per scoop from their product while keeping it in a certain price range and not the overall effectiveness of the product.

What Is The Alternative To Buying Weight Gainer

If you really want to have the most effective weight gain shake then you should make it yourself. When you make your own mass building shakes you can tailor them to your particular needs as well as save a ton of money. I’m sure right now you are looking at the screen and thinking how do i make my own mass gain shake, well its not hard and i will tell you how to do it below.

How Its Done

First you need a good source of protein, whey protein powder mixed into whole milk works great, if you are lactose intolerant you can use lactaid. I like to use this combination because its inexpensive, and high quality.
I like to start with about 1 scoop of whey powder in 16 ounces of milk.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EUyYkbkbUE” width=”720″ controls=”no” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” fs=”no”]

For a base shake the milk and whey powder combo will give you the following

calories  400
protein  41
carbs  26
Fat  16

Adding Carbohydrates Is Easy

Next you need a good source of carbohydrates. I like to use oatmeal. Now just don’t drop a big clump of dry rolled oats into your shake. If you do that i will be hard to chug down.

Instead put them into a coffee bean grinder and grind them into a fine powder, this takes about 20 seconds for a quarter cup to become a fine powder. This will make it easy to ingest them and you will hardly notice them in  your muscle mass building shake.

Like to use 2 cups of rolled oats, after i grind them into a powder i add them into the milk protein powder mix.

The 2 cups of oats will add the following to your shake

calories  610
protein  22g
carbs  112g
fat  10 grams

So right now you have a pretty natural homemade weight gainer that has enough calories, protein and carbohydrates to fuel your muscle growth without breaking your wallet.

The shake as it is made above has roughly the following nutritional profile

calories  1030
protein 63
carbohydrates  138
Fat  26

Customize Your Home Made Mass Building Drink

The best part about this shake is you can tailor it to your individual taste and nutritional requirements. You can even throw a banana in the shake or some spinach and process the whole thing in a blender like the Ninja Blender and get the benefits of fruits and vegetables as well.

You can also add other flavor enhancers like peanut butter, honey or whatever else you can think of. The sky is really the limit when it comes to making a mass gaining shake at home, give it a shot and see how you like it.

This is the reason why we recommend them for you.

Here are best weight gainers again:



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