Best Shoes For Flat Feet: Models And Reviews [2017]

best shoes for flat feetYou probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your feet in general, no less the arches. But if you have fallen arches, or flat feet, you can’t help but do much of anything else.

It is a serious condition that can lead to severe pain in your feet, back, ligaments, and muscles, not to mention a strain on your wallet, as you’ll wear your shoes out much more quickly than those with a standard arch height.

If you have low arches or flat feet, one thing you can do, besides stretching and exercise, is buy the best shoes for flat feet. The three things to look for are support, motion control, and stability.

Shoes designed with extra stability and motion control will help aid in the prevention of rolling inward, and with extra support will give your arches the lift, cushion, and support they need for proper shock absorption. Here is roundup if you’re wanting to outfit your closet with the proper dress, walking, running shoes, and sandals.

The arches of our feet are constructed by the inherent curves in two sets of bones–the metatarsal and tarsal–and serve as shock absorbers, supporting and cushioning the stress of our body weight on our hips, ankles, knees, and feet as we walk, run, and even just stand. They also ensure our body weight is evenly distributed between our legs and feet and provide lift.

If the curve of those bones, and hence the arch, is missing, or very low, you don’t get that shock absorber, spring, or distribution, so your feet and joints take much more of a beating.

People with low or no arch can suffer from not only back and foot pain due to excessive weight on the heels, but often have the tendency to roll to the insides of their feet as they walk or run, resulting in added pain in the ankles, calves, knees, hips, and legs. Extreme conditions can lead to bunions, arthritis, hammertoes, shin splints, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis.

If you have low arches or flat feet, one thing you can do, besides stretching and exercise, is buy the best shoes for flat feet. The three things to look for are support, motion control, and stability. Shoes designed with extra stability and motion control will help aid in the prevention of rolling inward, and with extra support will give your arches the lift, cushion, and support they need for proper shock absorption. Here is roundup if you’re wanting to outfit your closet with the proper dress, walking, running shoes, and sandals.

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Best Walking shoes for Flat Feet For Men and Women

Men’s Walking Shoes:

San Antonio Shoe Makers (SAS)

Handmade, with its roots in San Antonio, Texas, the quality and craftsmanship of SAS is unrivaled and are bar none the best shoes with arch support you can buy. In 1976, the two founders started what they termed a revolution in footwear, and they are going strong today. Doctors and physicians recommend them, and you’d be hard pressed to find a wearer who doesn’t sing their praises.

They have incredibly high standards, use only the finest materials, and design and build their own forms, delivering a fit you simply can’t find anywhere else. They make 104 sizes for men and 88 for women, and their fierce dedication to providing comfort and quality proves itself with every pain-free customer. They meet the standards of Medicare, so if you have any doubt about the quality and precision, ask your doctor.

Men’s Move ON

SAS employs what they call TRIPAD cushioning, which is odor resistant and supports the arch and whole foot, providing lift and critical shock absorption. Another proprietary technology, they employ “S-motion,” providing stability throughout the entire lifecycle of the step–from heel strike, to midfoot, to toes, as they push off the ground. The footbed is also uniquely their own, a contoured molded polyurethane “Everbounce,” and it is removable.

They include a “Supersoft” lightweight sole, which is wider than a standard shoe sole, providing an added shock absorber and stability. This shoe not only cushions and supports, but adds unparalleled stability control and supports the natural gait.

Men’s Stability Walker

The name says it all, as these are all about stability. They feature wider bases for the heel and forefoot, which work to evenly distribute the weight between feet and legs. The molded midsole is designed with added arch support for the plantar fascia, and the outsole is a durable rubber, providing excellent traction and prevention against excessive wear and slippage.

Women’s Walking Shoes:

Women’s Easy Walk

Featuring the same high technology as the men’s Move On, your search for the perfect shoe will be over when you slide into a pair of these. With S-motion, providing exacting cushioning and support to your entire foot as you move through each step, to the “Supersoft” lightweight sole, your arches are fully supported and whole foot stabilized. The Tripad cushions offer shock absorption, and the “Everbounce” footbed cushions and supports weak or fallen arches.


Another leader in the industry, Propet delivers on its mission to provide the best therapeutic shoes for people with foot pain, feet that are hard to fit, and who suffer from chronic problems like flat feet and diabetes. They design the best shoes for fallen arches.

The company has been designing and manufacturing specialty comfort footwear for over 32 years, with a focus on walking shoes.

Their latest technology is called Rejuve Motion, and it is structured to support and stabilize our natural gait, especially effective for those who roll to the outside. For those who suffer from diabetes and require therapeutic shoes for treatment, Propet is approved by Medicare.

Women’s Stability Walker

Designed with the same technological features as the men’s shoe of the same name, this is one of the best choices available to those who need a stable, supportive therapeutic option.

Recommended by podiatrists and Medicare approved, these will support the arches and plantar fascia with their advanced EVA midsole. They have the same rugged outsole for stability and slip resistance. They have a rigid heel for balance and a removable footbed. I also like that they come in suede as well as leather; and if you prefer the former, they offer pewter and berry in addition to the more classic color options of most walking shoes.

Dress Shoes For People With Flat Foot

When it comes to taking care of your feet, you don’t have to restrict yourself to shoes that make you look like you “need special shoes.” Sure, walking, running, outdoor, and sporty shoes are easy enough to find and even easier to incorporate into your wardrobe for most activities, but sometimes you want a little more polish.

When your work requires you step it up a notch, or you just want to get a little dressed up, there are now more options than ever.

Men’s Dress Footwear:

Vionic Joseph

Vionic uses what they call “orthaheel supportive technology,” which provides added cushioning, support for your arches, and built in comfort that makes your transition from day to night seamless.

This is a classic, stylish lace-up that looks great. No one will know you’ve got biomechanical footbeds designed by a podiatrist inside these babies. The extra deep cups in the heel take the weight off those over-worked heels and ensure your feet are in the proper alignment.

The flexible lightweight EVA midsole is an excellent added shock absorber to support those arches.

San Antonio Shoemakers Men’s Diplomat

True to SAS form, this dress model will make you want to go out every night. It’s a slip-on style, so perhaps a bit more casual than the classic lace-up, but it’s fashionable enough for any outing and won’t leave you dying to get home to take them off.

As with their entire line, they’re made of the highest quality leather and the entire interior is padded. Their trademarked TRIPAD cushion gives the heel and ball of the foot extra support, and the super shock absorbing sole is extremely lightweight.

Women’s Dress Footwear:

The Aetrex line is classified orthotic, but by looking at them, you’d never know. Far from chunky, clunky, or obvious, they’re stylish, streamlined, and unbelievably comfortable. They’ve designed what they term “Lynco orthotic footbeds,” which provide excellent support and spring for your arches. The outsoles are made of blown rubber for support, stability, and durability. You’ll look great in these dress styles, while feeling like you’re wearing your favorite walking shoes all day.


I love the Tori pump because it’s classic enough to go with a pencil skirt and button-down oxford for work, and stylish enough to go straight out the door at 5:00 to wherever your evening plans take you. The one and a quarter inch heel is low enough to ease any strain a higher one would cause on your calves, hips, and back, but high enough to look polished and professional. They’re made of high quality leather and have a pretty elastic gore topline strap accent.

Leanne Slip-on

If you want something will a little more spice than what you get in a classic pump, look no further than the Leanne slip-on. This is a beautiful, dramatic shoe that literally won’t break your back (or hurt your feet).

The top features a stylish asymmetrical cutout, and the fastener is a small loop and button. Aetrix builds their shoes to the “Healthy 3” specifications: their patented Lynco arch support (which is an orthotic built right into the sole), memory foam cushion footbeds, and embedded anti-microbial.

Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

When you’re a runner and you have semi or fully fallen arches, you need serious support. There are a few players out there who are getting the job done right, but ASICS is one of the most outstanding.

They repeatedly make the best-of lists every year, as their technology and performance are hard to beat.

Men’s Running Shoes:

ASICS GT 2000 2

Below the main rubber cushioning of the sole, you’ll find the signature gel pad, which delivers supreme padding and shock absorption for the ankle and heel. Below that, in the midsole and beneath, ASICS uses the “FluidRide” system, delivering added support and spring.

Inside the heel, you get the Dynamic DuoPad heel pad, and beneath that, in the FluidRide system, they employ a guidance line that is built to literally guide your stride from heel through the entire strike action to your toe. If you want excellent support and cushioning as well as stability to counter pronation, this is a great choice.

ASICS Gel Kayano 20

Like other models in their line, the Kayano is a standout. Always a fan favorite for good reason, this is one of the best running shoe options out there for people who need ultra cushioning and comfort.

They built this version with something they call “Fluid Fit,” which is a super stretchy covering over the midsection of the foot.

This provides extra stability and balance, due to the position it holds your foot in, without hindrance or binding.

The spring and cushioning in the multiple layers in the heel and footbed make for arch support and maximum absorbing capabilities for the shock of every foot strike.

Women’s Running Shoes:

Brooks Addiction 10

Call me biased because truth: I run in this shoe. But don’t take my word for it. Take the podiatrists’ word for. Or the hundreds of thousands of other runners who sing the praises of the Addiction.

One run and you’ll be amazed by the incredible support and comfort. If you need arch support, balance, and perhaps most importantly, stability, your search is over. Every shoemaker has its own technology.

Brooks employs the BioMoGo DNA in the midsole, delivering cushion that adapts to your foot and stride, a “segmented crash pad” for guiding your track from heel to toe roll-through, and a rollbar for stability.

It’s running at its finest.

ASICS Gel Kayano 19

Another vote for the ASICS Gel Kayano, and I can say with authority, this is also a spectacularly supportive and comfortable running shoe. I know a lot of runners, and the fan base is pretty evenly split between ASICS and Brooks.

The loyalty runs deep on this shoe. They’ve been manufacturing for more than twenty years, and their shoes prove the test of time. the Gel Kayano provides maximum shock absorbing for those with flat feet or low arches, and their gel cushioning in the forefoot and heel give you the cushion and spring you need. If you are one of many runners who have problematic arch and or pronation problems, you are far less likely to suffer pain and injury in this shoe.

The outsole contains tread and grooves that are specially designed to help you track with balance and to increase stability.

Best Sandals For Flat Feet

Men’s Sandals:

Vionic Tide

Heading to the beach or pool doesn’t mean you can’t wear sandals just because you suffer from foot problems. The choices in this category are heads and shoulders above where they were a decade ago, and Vionic, designed by a podiatrist, continues to prove feeling good doesn’t mean sacrificing looking good.

Designed to alleviate foot pain, the toe post is super soft and the strap is lined in foam. They have shock-absorbing EVA midsoles, so your knees, feet, and ankles won’t suffer under the pressure of low or flat arches.

They’re extremely lightweight, have great traction, and a deep heel cup for stability and alignment. The entire footbed is designed to optimize motion control. And with the sharp design, no one would guess. You’ll want to wear these everywhere.

Propet Hornsby XT

The Rejuve Motion Technology that Propet manufactures supports your arches, heels, and the balls of your feet like few shoes can match. Designed for a more rugged outdoor adventure than lying by the pool, it’s cool, secure, rugged, and durable.

Oh, and tromping around in a stream? No problem. They’re leather and neoprene, but won’t bog you down. The straps are adjustable, and the Rejuve Motion Technology diffuses water, is anti-microbial, and optimized to keep your feet comfortable and cool. The rubber outsole is rugged and durable and provides excellent traction and stability.

Women’s Sandals:

Aetrix Adeline

This adjustable quarter strap sandal is beautiful, elegant, and unbelievably comfortable. I love summer sandals that you can dress up or down, and these fit the bill. It’s hard to get a better orthopedic shoe than the Aetrix, and the bonus to their entire line is their stunningly good looks. These come in black, steel, and taupe, and go perfect with dresses or jeans. The “Healthy 3” technology provides support for your arches, memory foam cushioning in the footbed, and are anti-microbial.

Naot Reserve

My guess is if you ask most women what shoe comes to mind when they think comfort, most will put Naot in their top five. For some, it’s always number one. Their latex and cork footbed, enrobed in leather, provides cushion padding, support, and shock absorption, while molding to the precise contours of your foot. The footbed is held in place with hooks and loops and can be removed.

The sole is two inches high and made of polyurethane, making it very lightweight yet sturdy and long lasting. The reserve line contains a metal shank, which they embed in the sole, providing extra stability.

This is a super cute sandal that is versatile, fun, and amazingly supportive.

Selecting The Best Shoes For Flat Feet Video:

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