Skechers GOwalk Review: Models 3, 4

Skechers GOwalk shoes - walkingWe all know that just because you’re standing, doesn’t mean you’re “standing around.” Research has shown that some of the most demanding stress we can put on our bodies is that of merely carrying around our own weight.

Doing so puts an enormous amount of pressure on our legs and feet and can lead to fallen arches, tendinitis, bunions, and even bone spurs. And in the event you’re adding walking or carrying to those long hours of standing, you need to be mindful of taking care of your feet.

Wearing good supportive best slip resistant shoes is something everyone should do, as it’s good for your joints, muscles, and bones, and can ward off chronic pain. People in fields like nursing, security, retail, and hospitality should be particularly choosy when it comes to what they’re wearing on their feet every day.

The best way to do that–besides taking breaks as needed–is to wear supportive, comfortable, high quality shoes. If you’re injured, stand or walk a lot, trying *not* to get injured, or just want the best in support and comfort out of your footwear, Skechers GOwalk is a solid choice and has a lot going for it in its class.

They’ve been around for 25 years, and you might be surprised that in 2016 they became the second largest athletic footwear company in the United States, surpassing Adidas to do so.

They have three lines: lifestyle, which focuses on their memory foam; the charity line, which encompasses relaxed fit and comfort; and the performance line, which, as well as the athletic sneakers, also features the GOrun and GOwalk models.

The GOwalk is on version four, the fifth generation in the series, and its high ratings, efficacy, and loyal following are testament to the fact that they’re here to stay. It repeatedly tops the charts for one of the best walking shoes on the market.


One thing you might have heard about Skechers if nothing else, is how comfortable they are.

The reviewers and loyal enthusiasts are clear and consistent on this point, and reading, “This is the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn” is not uncommon. But “comfortable” is a general term, can mean different things to different people, and encompasses many features and facets. So, let’s break it down. The main categories when discussing comfort focus on midsole, insole, weight, and temperature control.

Cushion and support

The midsole design is referred to as “5GEN,” and the insole is the proprietary “Goga Max,” each working together to deliver maximum cushioning and support with every step. They taper in at midsole to provide optimal arch support.

Lightweight and cool

The mesh fabric is designed to expand with the natural movement of your feet, and the ultra light weight–a mere seven and a half ounces–makes for ultimate breathability and keeping your feet as cool as possible.

This is a seriously lightweight shoe and one that is almost always referred to as “slipper-like, but with more support.” The footbeds are lined in bamboo, which are anti-bacterial and provide odor control.


They use what they call “Goga Pillars” on the outsole, which provide stability and help to keep you from rolling your feet or twisting your ankle.

This is particularly helpful is you tend to pronate, which means you roll to the outsides of your feet as you walk. Pronating can cause all sorts of problems, the least of which is pain, as you can have serious accidents rolling your ankles. Supportability and stability are key features to look for.


You know what they say: it’s the little things. Skechers builds in a few added bonuses that make this a particularly desirable choice.

Low maintenance

They’re easy to throw on. Being slip-ons, there are no laces to tie or straps to buckle or worry about, unless you want to. Some models (the GOwalk 3, 4, Instinct, Elect, and Acclaim offer lace-up versions as well as the traditional slip-ons).

This is an especially nice feature when you’re heading to the airport for travel.

They also build into the design a super lightweight sock liner, which many people love because it makes them more comfortable to wear without socks.

You can still wear socks with them, of course, and many people prefer to; but if you’re a lover of no socks, not all shoes work so well for that. These do.


They look good. This is a good all-around footwear choice that is comfortable and supportive without making you look like you need comfortable, supportive shoes. They’re sporty but not overly so, and you can run around at work in them all day, and then meet friends for dinner, with no shoe change required.


Styles: there are 10 different models under the GOwalk umbrella, and that’s not counting the Sport and Outdoors versions.

There’s GOwalk 4, the Expert, Incredible, Contain, Deliver, Capacity, Instinct, Elect, and Acclaim.

All offer several color and fabric choices; and some, like the GOwalk 4, offer seven different colors to choose from, including navy and red, so you’re not bound to the standard monochrome choices most comfortable shoes afford.

They all offer the same high quality support and comfort features, breathability, arch support, and stability.

The different models give you a way to personalize your preferences, from color to fabric, a bit sportier, to erring on the side of conservative or a bit more stylish.

The Deliver, for example, comes in soft suede, and you can select olive green, taupe, or charcoal if you’re not partial to the more traditional black or brown shoe. The Incredible will appeal to those who like a sportier look, with the athletic mesh upper, and a little more spice to the color choices, like charcoal and orange.

Quick Skechers GOwalk Review (video):

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Pros and Cons

With so many choices, no matter which style you go with, there’s bound to be at least one if not more in the lot that appeals to your preferences.

And when it comes to benefits, it’s hard to find anything in the con column when you’re looking for a shoe designed specifically for standing or walking for long periods of time.

Designed and built with their in-house 5GEN, Goga Max, and Goga Pillars technology designed to support and cushion your foot, provide arch support, comfort, and breathability, and the fact that they weigh next to nothing, this is a hard one to pass on.

Your heels get extra cushioning, so your legs, bones, and joints are protected with every foot fall.

If you’re not a slip-on fan, you can opt for one of the lace-up versions, but some wearers have reported slipping in the back, so that’s something to keep in mind if you specifically want a shoe sans straps or laces.

Similarly, some find the sock liner isn’t sufficient for wearing the shoes without socks, so again, if that’s the top of your list, try before you buy.


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