Best Work Shoes For Men: Find Comfortable Footwear For Standing

best work shoes - brownOne of the first life lessons I learned from my dad was, “Take care of your feet. They carry you around all day.” I’m now old enough to be able to say with authority that no truer words have been spoken.

I’ve held many jobs since those days of my dad telling me to pick best work shoes for men, many of which had me standing on concrete all day, walking, or even running (waitressing) all day or night, so I can now attest that I’ve actually lived to tell the tale.

Whether you’ve been there (done that) too, or you’re just doing your research, here are a few good options that will not leave you sad, mad, or sore.

A few things to keep in mind out of the gate when you’re looking for a most comfortable shoes to stand all day for men and women are: padding and cushioning in all areas of the midsole, heel, and toe box; two, durability in the upper and soles.

You want anti-slip, and preferably protection from water, oil, and electricity; and finally, safety. Anti-slip and a steel toe are important features to look for if you’re going to be in danger of anything falling on your feet.

Best shoes for working on your feet


New Balance Mid626K2

New Balance walking shoes (along with their entire line) have a long history and a good reputation, and it is not without evidence and merit.

I’ve been a runner my whole life (longer than I will admit to here!), and have run with a lot of folks. And a large majority of them run in New Balance shoes.

This isn’t about running, I know, we’re talking about walking and working her, but consider the foundation. This is a company who knows how to build a comfortable, stable, sustainable, comfortable platform.

The Mid626K2 is designed for people who are on their feet all day. It has a non-slip sole, a leather upper, and the mid-section is molded compression.

If you’re not convinced this shoe will support you in whatever your daily job or demands serve up, Medicare just might reimburse you for the purchase. If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. Look no further if you stand for long periods of time or do a lot of walking on or off the job.

Merrell Jungle Moc Men’s Slip on Shoes

If you don’t take one look at these shoes and wonder why you’ve seen them on the feet of so many, here’s why. Very popular in general, not only as a good work shoes, Merrell is one of the kings of comfort, and the Jungle Moc is the leader of the pack. They’re good looking, versatile, affordable, and amazingly comfortable.

They’re made of a soft suede upper, and a mesh lining that is breathable and keeps your feet cool.

They feature a proprietary footbed that contours to the shape of your foot, have air-cushioned heels, and a compression molded frame that makes it feel like you’re basically walking on a pillow on a cloud. If you stand a lot or do a lot of working throughout your work day, you’ll want to have a look at this one.

Nike Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can go a little more casual in your place of work or everyday attire, and you’re looking for beyond comfortable shoes for everything you do, you are going to be super psyched about the Tanjun by Nike. It’s basically like a slipper.

Technically speaking, it’s a running shoe, but who’s calling the running shoe police? Not us. Practically weightless, you can’t beat it for its absolute cloud-like cushioning and breathable, mesh upper.

You will feel fully supported in these, even though you feel almost nothing around your foot. It’s the absolute perfect contradiction.

There’s a reason this is such a popular shoe for athletes as well as non-athletes. And for travel, they can’t be beat.

Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe

Much like the New Balance Mid626K2, your feet will be fully supported in this fantastic comfort shoe all day long, whether you’re predominantly standing, or doing a lot of walking.

They’re extremely supportive and have a memory foam insert that’s padded for extra cushioning. The tongue and collar are also adorned with extra padding, so your whole foot is wrapped in pillow-like layers of added support.

They are designed for safety and strength with a reinforced steel toe, slip resistance, and insulation that protects against electrical hazards. You can’t beat this shoe for comfort, durability, and safety.

KEEN Men’s Flint Low (Steel Toe)

You might think of KEEN shoes as more for recreation than work, but you’ll be surprised by their versatility and breadth. With a composite, aluminum, and steel toe, extra cushioned footbed, and added support for comfort, your feet will be held, padded, and secured, no matter what the job or your day throws at you.

The footbed is designed for ultimate arch support and to flex and form to the exact contours of your foot. All of this in a lightweight shoe that looks great. Whether you’re doing a lot of standing or running around, work boots never felt so good.

KEEN Men’s Atlanta Cool (Steel Toe)

If you need non slip resistant footwear for work  with ultimate breathability, check out the Atlanta Cool.

With the signature KEEN steel toes and durable, extra tough soles, these also feature a light, breathable mesh fabric that allow for optimal airflow and cooling.

They provide the same safety features for your toes, while maintaining an anatomically correct toe box for added comfort. The uppers are water resistant and the soles are oil and slip resistant. The compression molded midsole and removable footbed make for added cushioning with every step.

If your job (or just life in general) has you standing for long periods of time or doing a lot of walking, you need a comfortable, supportive shoe that’s going to provide you with cushioning as well as safety.

Features like added support in the arch, heel, and toe box are essential, as is a steel toe and rugged, anti-slip soles. There are a lot to choose from in this class, but this list of frontrunners is a good place to start.

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Hope you enjoy this and now armed with the right information to pick best men’s shoes for standing all day at work.



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