Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews[2017]

best Upright Exercise Bike - woman standing next to itWhat is an Upright Exercise Bike?

An upright exercise bike is also known as the traditional exercise bike. These are the most popular and well known exercise bike styles in the world.

Chances are if you have used an exercise bike, it was probably an upright. Upright bikes are an excellent option if you are in the market for an exercise bike.

When operating an upright bike the rider maintains an upright posture throughout the entire exercise.

At one point this rider stance was very uncomfortable, but innovation has progressed allowing for manufacturers to utilize memory foam padding and other luxurious materials to allow for comfortable operation throughout the entire exercise.

Which Model is Right for You?

As the saying goes, “Different people have different preferences”. When determining which model is best for you, you must first assess your needs versus your wants.

What is more important to you; price, luxury, comfort, storage, brand, colour? These are all considerations that must be taken into account before making a purchase. We at Exercise Bike Guru are here to help you make that informed decision. We have tested and reviewed countless exercise bikes to provide you with the best reviews on each product.

Operators Height and Weight

Each model will have specific height and weight restrictions. It is advised that you check with the manufacturer to determine just what these specific operator restrictions are.

On average there generally seems to be a height restriction of 6 foot 7 inches and a weight restriction of up to 350 pounds. To find out more about a specific model, please refer to our reviews section.

Upright Exercise Bike Riding Style and Comfort

When first produced, upright exercise bikes were extremely uncomfortable. This allowed operators to workout for a limited amount of time. This was in part due to insufficient comfort components and the riders positioning.

Because the rider is positioned upright and vertical, much of the riders weight rests along the lower back. Fortunately today advancements have allowed manufacturers to innovate and engineer accessories and standard features that allow for superb comfort. Many companies now incorporate memory foam and larger seating surfaces to allow riders comfort and a reduction in lower back strain when operating for extended periods of time. Other luxurious features include LCD screens, radios, memory gel hand grips, ect.

Cost for an Upright Bike

Upright bikes can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the manufacturer, brand, components, accessories, ect. By purchasing an exercise bike you can avoid costly gym fees that will definitely add to a substantial amount over time. When purchasing an upright bike you can save yourself hundreds or even thousands by purchasing online. After researching online we are able to offer you the best discounted price on the market, just clicking on a specific model above to see the price!

Fitness Goals

There is no doubt that with by utilizing an upright exercise bike you will be able to achieve your fitness goals. Upright bikes have been used by millions to help them exercise in an efficient manner.

If you do not have time to go to the gym I would most definitely consider the purchase of an exercise bike. You will have this bike in your home and at your disposal 24/7. Not only is it convenient but it also encourages you to workout.


Exercise bike manufactures have taken storage capabilities into consideration when developing and engineering their bikes. If you live in a smaller home or would like to store away your exercise bike after each use take into account how versatile and maneuverable the bike is. There are several options available on todays market!


As with most exercise bikes, there is limited maintenance involved as long as you properly take care of the equipment. Most maintenance includes checking to see if bolts are securely tightened. It is recommended that you check with your bike manufacturer to determine exact maintenance procedure.

Top 5 Most Popular Upright Bikes


Exerpeutic 1200 Folding Magnetic

Some stationary bikes are rather bulky items, their computer features may not be reliable, the construction may be shoddy, and they can get very expensive. But with the Exerpeutic 1200 Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse, these are not problems you’ll have to deal with at all. Let’s take a closer look at this machine.

Summary of Key Features:

The Exerpeutic 1200 Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is small (dimensions 31”L x 19”W x 46”H) so space is not a problem. Even its 49-pound weight makes it easy to move, and with the folding system you can conveniently store it anywhere in your home too. But despite the rather small size, it’s actually quite tough. It can accommodate tall and short individuals of up to 300 pounds. The seat is large enough and covered with foam. You don’t have to worry about stability, either since it comes with extended leg stabilizers. Tipping over is unlikely when you workout using this machine. You get 8 levels of resistance to work with, and it’s not difficult to adjust. The flywheel and V-belt drive is very smooth and silent, it won’t distract from your music or TV show. The cranking system offers consistent pedaling motion, and the pedals are large and there are safety straps attached.

The 3.3”W x 1.5”H LCD display is very nice and just in the right size (makes it easy for you to read whatever’s on the screen), and you can get your data about your speed, the time you’ve spent, the distance you’ve covered, and the calories you’ve burned. There’s a heart monitor too, when you use the hand pulse grip.

Pros & Cons:

There are several reasons why out of 1,300 reviews, this machine has received 867 five-star rating reviews. The craftsmanship is superb, and it can offer great cardio workouts even for very tall folks. The size doesn’t quite tell you about how strong and steady it is, but after using it for a while, you’ll know.

The comfort level is quite high, even though this is an upright bike so there’s no rest for your back. The magnetic resistance is quite reliable as well. And even though some assembly is required, the process is very easy. In fact, most of it is already pre-assembled. You just attach the computer, and then you bolt on all the “limbs”. These are the seat, the feet of the bike, and then the pedals. That’s it.

Final Thought

So let’s do a quick recap here – it works well, stability is assured, storage is very easy, and so is the assembly. So what’s the problem?

Not much, but some people may take issue with the pedal placement. It’s a bit forward, so that means you’re not really carrying your weight when you pedal. It’s more like a recumbent bike configuration, except the seat is designed to be upright. The seat may also be an issue for some, because of its size. It’s large enough, but this may hamper your pedaling motion. There’s a good reason bikes have narrow seats—they don’t interfere with the movement of your legs and thighs. But these complaints are minor. For those who are tired of joint pains when jogging, using this bike is a good alternative. You can use it and then put it away when you’re not. There’s not much fuss.

Marcy Upright Mag Cycle

Marcy is a UK manufacturer of fitness equipment. The company has been around since 1946, so it has a long history. Marcy offers a recumbent bike with magnetic resistance, but it also offers an upright version. The Marcy Upright Mag Cycle has a list price of $250, but you can probably get it nowadays for less than $100. But make no mistake about it, the low price doesn’t mean its features are shoddy. Far from it.

Specs and Features:

The upright bike is great for those who want the stationary bike experience to mimic a real road bike. With the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle, the pedals are right under the seat, so you can stand up or sit down. The space savings are also significant, as it only measures 31.5 inches in length and it is only 18 inches wide. And at a mere 43 pounds, you can easily carry it anywhere. It comes with transport wheels too. There are 8 preset magnetic resistance levels to work with here, and it’s quiet and smooth when it operates. You can track your progress with the large console display, as it offers you info on the time you’ve spent exercising, the distance you covered, the current speed, and the calories you’ve burned, etc.

The pedals are counterbalanced nicely, and there are adjustable foot straps so you don’t have to worry about slipping. That can hurt quite a bit when it happens. The seat height is adjustable, and your hands hold on to foam-padded grips.

Pros And Cons:

There are many great things about the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle. Perhaps the most notable of which is its size, it’s perfect for small apartments. It’s also quiet so it won’t bother anyone.

As for drawbacks, the seat has received its share of flak from customers. That’s mainly because of newbies who seem to want to be comfy when they exercise. This is not what an upright bike is for. So if you’re new to this kind of seating, you need about a week at least, to get accustomed to it. Also, the size (and the marketing) does tend to imply that this is perfect for women or average-sized men. That’s one of the reasons why the negative reviews are mostly written by men who borrow this bike from their wives. With large men, the workout may not prove “hard” enough, especially with men who regularly exercise. But for men who are new to exercising, the sweat is inevitable.

Just 15 minutes on this bike and you’ll be sweating. After about half an hour, newbies may not appreciate the pain in the butt area, but regular bike users won’t have any problem with this. And if you use this every day, you’ll also be a “regular” in no time. So if you’re a woman or a regular guy, this one is for you. But remember, this machine is not meant to make you comfortable—you’re meant to actually make you workout out so you can burn fat and stay fit. Except with this bike, you can still watch TV in your living room.

Schwinn 130 Upright Bike Review

A lot of people have nostalgic memories about their old Schwinn bikes, but nowadays biking on the streets is no longer as fun as it used to be. There are too many people and cars on the road, the weather may not cooperate, and you probably hate not being able to watch your favorite TV shows. But with the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike, you don’t have to worry about any of these at all.

Summary of Key Features:

• 22 different programs, along with 2 user settings.

• There are 20 levels of resistance, so you can gradually make it more challenging for yourself. The flywheel works quietly and smoothly.

• The console is quite large, and you can monitor your progress easily. There are 13 different feedback displays available.

• You also have a USB charging port, and you can connect to SchwinnConnect or for data exchange.

• The seat is padded and contoured, so that it can offer a comfortable seat without hindering your workout. The seat system also allows for easy exchange, if you want.

• There are two levelers for a solid platform, and for extra stability there’s an oversized crossbar tubing. The transport wheels also make it easy for you to move it from one place to another.

• The handlebars are adjustable, the monitor for the heart rate is ergonomic, the speakers offer great sound if you want to plug in your mp3 player, and there’s even a fan—you can pretend to be on the road while you’re biking in your living room.

• There’s a 10 year warranty for the frame, 2 years for mechanical parts, a year for electronic issues, and 90 days for labor. Just make sure that you comply with the 300-pound weight limit.

Pros & Cons:

A quick look at its Amazon page will reveal that there are 10 five-star rating reviews for every single one-star review. Most of these negative reviews, aren’t because of the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike itself, but because the box didn’t arrive intact or some parts were not included. But the saving grace for these unfortunate few is that the customer support is Most people report that the assembly was super-easy, and you’ll only need 30 minutes to finish. It offers a challenging program that’s designed to accommodate your fitness level. It can accommodate most people, the durability is outstanding, and the features do help you monitor your progress.

If you have any problems, just call customer support. You may get the wider pedals that can make things better for you, especially if you have big feet. Some of the complaints revolve around the pedal issue, with some folks complaining that it’s too close to the body. For best results, you may want to try it out first in your local fitness equipment shop before buying online (it’s cheaper when you buy online).

For those who can’t exercise outdoors for various reasons, or who want to spare their knees from being hurt, then the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike is an excellent choice. Even the price is more than reasonable. Its list price is $500, but you can easily find bargains online that allow you to get it for less than $300.

FitDesk v2.0 Desk with Massage Bar

There are plenty of reasons why so many people can’t exercise, such as:

– It’s too hard.

– Gym memberships are expensive.

– The weather is bad.

– It takes too much time.

But all these reasons don’t apply with the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar. If you’re researching fitness bikes, then you must have heard about the usual models which allow you to pedal while you monitor your stats such as time, distance, heart rate, etc. With these bikes, you can also listen to music or watch your favorite TV show. But with the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar, you can actually work while you exercise.

Key Features:

You have 8 resistance levels to work with, but many exercise bikes has this feature so let’s tackle why the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar is different:

  • It comes with a sliding desk (the FitDesk). Measuring 16” x 19”, the adjustable desk can fit in most laptops, although if you want to just read magazines you can do that too. It’s a true desk, as it even has a storage drawer where you can put your smartphone, ear buds, music players, and even pens. This is also where you get your digital resistance meter, which tracks your mileage, the time you’ve spent on the bike, and the calories you’ve burned.
  • The padded seat comes with a backrest, and this allows you to exercise in an upright or in a somewhat recumbent position. The seat enables you to access the FitDesk with no problem, and it can be adjusted so that it will suit just about everyone.
  • The armrest is adjustable, but what’s really noteworthy about it is that it has padded and contoured massage rollers for your forearms.
  • The frame design is compact and stable, and you can fold it for storage. It takes up very little space. There are even built in wheels for easy transport.
  • It’s also very durable since the gear box is made from steel and aluminum instead of plastic. The fly wheel is smooth and efficient, and quiet as well.

With all these features, you’d think that this machine will cost a bundle. But it actually will cost you only a little over $300, inclusive of shipping. It works perfectly, which is why about two thirds of all the 300+ reviews on Amazon gave it perfect 5-star ratings. And yet with more than 200 rave reviews, the negative reviews are less than a dozen!

It’s easy to assemble and use, it works as promised, it doesn’t break down easily, and you can actually learn to pedal and work while exercising. So if your work is your excuse not to exercise, now you have no excuse at all when you have the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike in your home or office. Buy this bike so you can exercise at your own convenience.

Schwinn A10 Upright Bike Review

Lots of people complain that losing weight takes too much work. And when you get a gym membership, it can be expensive too. But if you own a Schwinn A10 Upright Bike losing weight becomes a lot easier.

Specs and Features of the Schwinn A10 Upright Bike

If you keep having knee issues or you don’t want to jog or bike outside because of the weather, then a stationary bike is your perfect choice. Here are the features which may convince you to buy the Schwinn A10 Upright Bike in particular:

• It offers 8 levels of resistance, along with a high-speed flywheel for smooth and silent operation.

• There’s a 5” by 3” LCD window that allows you to see up to 8 different feedback displays. This includes data on your speed and rpm, the time you’ve spent on the bike, the distance you’ve covered, the calories you’ve burned, etc.

• There’s also a grip heart rate monitor. For workout pros, this is crucial because you don’t want to get your heart rate too high. But it also has to be high enough for the workout to help you maximize on your calorie burn.

• The seat is padded so you can actually use it. In fact, you can adjust its height as well.

• There are two levelers to provide a solid and stable exercise platform, and the 62- pound weight plus the transport wheels means that you can move it easily enough.

• Its dimensions are 27.5″ L x 19″ W x 50″ H, so it doesn’t need a lot of space in your home or office.

• The grip heart rate monitor is conveniently placed, the handlebars are angled for maximum comfort, and you also have speakers so you can plug in your mp3 player.

Final Thought:

The Schwinn A10 Upright Bike has received 40 five-star rating reviews on Amazon, and just 4 one-star ratings. This lopsided approval can be attributed to a number of factors.

For one, it’s very easy to assemble. It takes half an hour at most and some can take only 15 minutes. Even the tools you need to assemble it are part of the purchase. Everything works as advertised. And if on the off chance that there’s something wrong, the customer support is very helpful and will really assist you in finding a solution. But if it’s delivered in perfect condition, it’s designed to stay that way for a very long time. This is why you can find the Schwinn A10 Upright Bike in many gyms today even though it’s supposed to be for home use only. It can withstand constant use with no problem.

Perhaps the only possible complaint is that the seat isn’t very comfortable. But that’s intentional on Schwinn’s part, because comfortable seats on uprights are just impossible. If you use a large seat, you’ll find that it prevents you from pedaling properly.

So when you weigh the pros and cons of the Schwinn A10, you’ll know that it’s really a good product. It’s also very affordable, with a list price of less than $250 and there are online bargains available, which enable you to buy it for less than $200.


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