Asics GEL Intensity 3 Review: Excellent Cross Training Shoe

asics gel intensity 3Have you got your perfect pair of training shoes? If not, Consider the Asics GEL Intensity 3 as an option.

The Intensity 3 has been one of the best cross fit shoes recently, and the world is loving them.

This flagship from Asics offers some high-end products. Try it, and you might just be its next fan. Shopping for decent training shoes is always an issue.

What to choose from those umpteen models from a billion brands? However, you have a wise way out. You don’t want to buy a different pair for everything you do, right. So get the shoes designed to serve various purposes and not just training. That’s the way to get the best value for your expenses. This sneaker from Asics is just about that versatility.

Here’s everything you need to know before you decide to buy it.


  • Versatile to be used for almost any purpose
  • Stylish design and great color options
  • Comfortable and precise fit
  •  Incredible shock support


  • Your shoe size may run small with these shoes. You may need to factor in the size.


It offers the most advanced technologies of the Asics. This time the shoes give even better support and fit. Asics has packed it with some powerful features.

For instance, the collar has ‘Personal Heel fIT’ lining for a custom heel fitting. Then, there’s the ‘Trusstic Technology’ that lessens the sole weight without hindering its uprightness.

This helps in better stability. For an excellent shock support, the shoes have GEL Cushioning System for rearfoot and frontfoot. The outsole features special rubber coating of Asics for durability, and the midsole has two layers for higher comfort. Fit One of the top specialty of these Asics shoes is the comfort it provides in its fit.

These shoes offer the most amazingly comfy fit. The inner side is padded and layered from all the sides. So, whatever be the shape of your feet and whatever be the style you like, these shoes adapt to all. It’s like they can take the shape of your feet. So fitting with these shoes is fantastic except for the fact that these shoes often run small and y9ou may need to factor the regular size you wear.


It is designed for the most active people. It’s a kind of lace-up mesh shoe with a rubber sole and synthetic body. The shaft of this shoe extends 2.67″ from the arch.

Comfort has been well taken care of with these shoes. The midsole is double layered for an extra comfy experience, and the collar, tongue, and other inner parts are padded as well. These shoes look impressive and offer great varieties in color options.


As far as performance is concerned, You might just fall for these shoes.

It has everything that a training shoe or a cross fit shoe should. They are best for running, exercising, sports, and are good to wear anywhere anytime. These shoes are extremely lightweight to start with, just 12.2 oz. to be precise.

These are stylish in looks, comfortable to wear, and offers excellent support and stability. And beating it all, they also have a fabulous shock support system.

The features of these shoes make it one of the bests for running and training purposes. Apart from that, these shoes can also be your casual wear when you feel like.

Durability is another plus if that’s what you seek. Verdict We all demand one basic thing from our shoes, and that’s comfort. And then, we also want a shoe that’s versatile enough to help us in more than one cause. So, it’s necessary that you weigh all your options before making a purchase. Shoes are an important investment, and you need to be wise with your choice.

Make sure you read the reviews well and choose the ones that suit you the best. As far as training shoes are concerned, the Asics GEL Intensity 3 would be a superb buy.

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When it comes to cross training and crossfit shoes, ASICS really has some great names and the GEL Intensity 3 would sit right on the top. If you want the shoes that stun with their looks, are highly convenient, and give perfect play for sturdy sports, you need these shoes.


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