No Bull Shoes Review: Quality Trainers For Crossfit

NOBULL shoes

It is no bull actually when it comes to workouts.

NoBull is a footwear company specifying its products for fitness fans and gymaholics.

It calls out for those who look out for their own effort and dedication to succeed. So, if you believe it is only you alone who can give birth to a powerful athlete and not your shoes, go for this.

Since the launch of NoBull shoes for CrossFit, sales have spiraled up and caught along with some of the famous trainer shoe brands. Here we aim to review this rising star with its pros, cons and standing out features.

Why NoBull?

  • The top layer of the trainer comes with a soft, breathable fabric known as SuperFabric.
  • SuperFabric guard plates on a flexible base layer of mesh to shield you from injuries.
  • For multi-environment usage, the shoes have a good out sole lug pattern.
  • 4mm drop from heel to toe.
  • High carbon and medical guards on sides for added protection.
  • Comes with an extra pair of shoe lace.



NoBulls shoes look casual on top but are rough beneath. One of the prominent benefits is that they are very durable than you think they are.

They withstand heavy usage and the soles don’t wear off easily too. Also, this one-piece construction of fabric is breathable and resistant to abrasion.

The style is slick and casual and doesn’t look like heavy workout shoes. You can slip it with casual attire and you are good to go. If you have found the right size, these shoes which come with super soft fabric can be really comfortable.

The heel to toe drop can remain very stable throughout your squats.


As a rookie rising in the trainer field, NoBull has its own drawbacks.

Though it is specially designed for CrossFit, they can be found less stable during heavy workouts. A lot of reviewers have mentioned that as much as they like the shoe, they have found it less reliable during constant workouts.

Also, you won’t be able to find it cheap in the market and usually they come at an average price of $130-$160.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”660″ height=”340″][/su_youtube]


fitWhat we recommend when it comes to NoBull is that to purchase a size half an inch longer than your usual size. For an example suppose yours is 7, it is best to go for a 7.5.

This is because NoBull doesn’t have a space wide enough for your toes to fit in comfortably. The task can be a little hard, to find the right shoe but once you have found the perfect pair, that’s when you feel all the comfort.

You can easily look through the sizing chart on their website and order a size you want. If you are in between a particular size, order half an inch up!


soleUnless you know that NoBull is a recent company, there’s no trace to say it is a newbie to the market. The shoes are well designed and look or even better compare to brands such as Reebok, Adidas or Nike.

The quality looking flat edged lace eyelets say NoBull is no cheap or shoe.

Though the company offers you with some customized designs, usually these trainers come in handy and posh with their plain look. So, you can’t call them ugly because they are bold and classy as their competitors. Most of all, it is the Super fabric that stands out with its durable resistant quality.


It is no bull. Performance is really impressive. It has managed its way through many other trainer brands and stands out as one quality option for athletes seeking the best. So, there’s no doubt.

You will find it very comfortable which is very important when you are concentrating on heavy workouts. The base is flat and wide and is really flexible for you to move during squats.

The best part is they don’t really weigh that much, so you won’t feel your feet being pulled down by a heavy weight. It’s already hard what you do and trusts me we don’t want anymore.

The shock-absorbent heels perform really well during long runs. But, if you are engaging in constant heavy activities, then these might get a little uncomfortable on you.

So, NoBull trainers seems like a really good pair for you to try on and feel the difference.

We are sure certain functions of it will surprise you like the durability of the material.

Sure, it has its own drawbacks and constantly strives to upgrade it to suit athletes’ requirements. But the bottom line is, it is not a shoe promising you a good athlete, but a good friend. It is you who have to promise yourself a good athlete.

Remember, it also got a casual style enough for you to hop anywhere in between a workout.

You can get occasional discount codes on Amazon from some sellers, so use it and make your WOD Great again!


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