Nike CrossFit Shoes For Men And Women: Best Models From Nike

nike crossfit shoes model

Nike Crossfit shoes can provide the agility, durability, flexibility and stability for your WODs. Nike has manufactured shoes to meet all the requirements of the high intensity crossfit training tasks such as: rock climbing, burpees, sprinting, wall climbing etc.

Best Nike Footwear For CtossFit Models

Nike Metcon 1

Metcon stands for metabolic conditioning.

These classy shoes have been launched by Nike. They are every women trainer’s best friends. The shoes come in both men’s and women’s models but it’s the women model that’s a perfect example of class, design and comfort.

The heel design is tested to be non-slip and thus it makes these shoes stand high in the category of weight lifting.

Research also shows these are top the choice lists of many rope climbers and box jumpers because of their easy adaptability to changing terrain.

If you are a cross fit trainer, then you ought to have. And it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live, because a renowned brand like Nike has a global presence.

Nike understands that wherever you are, an athlete or not, you would love to go to your gym wearing your trendy sneakers and they have taken care of the fact with these amazing sneakers.

They are your fashion statement so get your metcon 1 and start doing your workout without the fear of getting stress injuries, plus they would look good and you will rock the gym.

Nike Metcon 2

Metcon 1 was a huge success but still some improvements were asked for by the users and the company always plans on doing better with its next launch. So a few changes were made and an excellent affordable cross fit shoe design launched in the market.

The heel design was changed and a little plastic plate was added to increase the stability and durability.

The toe width was increased, making it more breathable. Also, the problem of tearing off at the toe region was solved by giving an extra strong mesh there.

It have been perfectly designed for high intensity workouts and the incredibly low heel gives an additional advantage. This heel makes them perfect for squats, box jumps, etc.

If you are a rope climber, then you would love the rubber covering in the midsole for abrasion resistance. All in all they are breathable and highly durable. So go out and buy your pair.

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Metcon 3

If you are an athlete and looking for a modish, robust and stable design, then  Metcon 3 workout shoe has made just for you. With the “zero-drag” heel, workout becomes enhanced and you will ace your game; be it box-jumping or hand stand pushups or heavy lifting.

Company understands that cross training demands a shoe design which can prevent the mess created by sweating of the feet. To stop the interruption caused by sweat during your high intensity workout, they have made a breathable design so that your feet do not suffocate with the sweat and the heat.

It has taken care of class and the style so they are available in different color and designs for men and women. Important features which make them distinct from the rest are:

  • Drop in the middle which has been updated and is now softer and thus provides cushion to the forefeet making it the perfect choice for cardio drills.
  • Zero drag heel makes it well suited for lifting activities
  • It is light in weight that helps in increasing the agility for the athlete.

Nike Free 5.0 v6

All that you would ask for in a training sneaker is what this model will provide you. It will increase the intensity of your workout with its excellent design.

The breathable mesh keeps your feet happy and the sole lock prevents you from any accidental injury. You will love the sole width.

The internal structure of this model makes it durable and thus value for money.

The advanced features will make any choice of your workout easy.

Cross training not only means working out in the gym or playing a certain sport. Company has kept that in mind while designing this model so it can be your partner in running, weight lifting, rope climbing or wall climbing etc.

Nike Romaleo 3 Weightlifting Shoes

romelios 3It has been rated the best value crossfit gym shoes in 2017 by many reviewers. These are third in the series and really very stable hence providing a firm foundation for your weight lifting.

This model is very light weight and has a narrow midfoot design with a three inch sole that provides great cushion.

The sole locks you to the floor making your workout more efficient and safe.

All the features of a good model are encompassed in this model and thus it is a choice of many athletes.

Zoom Speed TR3

Zoom Speed TR3Its third generation are acclaimed training shoe and provide the extra edge required by the athletes or gymnast. Irrespective of the sport you play, these are a perfect choice for their versatile features.

Cushioning – the major attraction about this model is the hexagonal air cushioning platform which delivers impact protection for dynamic training.

  • They come with breathable mesh these days but the problem is the directional instability. If you are a runner, then you might face the problems when you do training including sprints followed by walk when your foot might roll off the platform during these changes. But the circular knit mesh in this design has been specifically designed to prevent that.
  • A wide sole provides excellent grip for squats and the aggressive multi surface outsole provides multi-directional movements.

 Metcon DSX

Metcon DSXThese Flyknit shoes are named right. Fly like a bird with this light weight design if running is your main regime. The rubber sole gives stability to the design hence making them well suited for CrossFit.

The grip of this design is excellent making it your right choice if you are into wall climbing.

Heel to forefoot drop is 6 mm, making this model a popular choice among the crossfitters. It is available in many designs and colors so you can choose according to your style.

While cross training, one can cross any terrain like muddy, grass, rocky or uneven surfaces as the design is durable enough to sustain the load. The shock absorption by this model is high and thus this is one of the best shoes.

All these models by Nike are worth the price and best crossfit sneakers to help make your gym and workout sessions safe. The features have been researched and incorporated for the benefit of those who do high intensity workout and to help enhance your activities plus keep you safe while training.

Other brands to consider are: Adidas, Inov-8, New Balance, Reebok, Puma.


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