Best CrossFit Gloves : 5 Models for Superior WOD Performance [2017]

man with barbel wearing crossfit glovesIn this performance oriented world each and every day human athletes are pushing themselves to achieve a best out of them.

The athletes work hard and when they push themselves to their limits for best performance it creates a high amount of pressure and stress in the various part of the body. Many body parts like the knees, shoulders, lumbar area and hands get damaged during the workout and it requires a good amount of protection.

The  are specially designed to protect the athletes from body damages and its related with the athlete’s hands.

Ggloves protect the athlete’s hands during the high friction movements on either the Olympic bar or pull up bars etc and it helps to reduce the stress and strain on their hand. Apart from athletes, common people who work out daily on gym and fitness can also use them to improve the experience.

Today we are going to look at the best models available:

Top Rated Crossfit Gloves Models


Strongerrx Crossfit gloves

StrongerrxThe Strongerrx  are made up of high-quality materials which provide good protection and grip. It protects the user hands from various damages like hand rips, palm callouses, and other skin abrasions.

The ergonomically designed perfectly fit in the hand and offer good flexibility and hand ventilation which indeed comes handy during the workout period.

The lightweight compound constructions make it feel lighter in the hand, hence keeping the user comfortable all-time. One of the best parts is it contains anti-vibration technology which vastly reduces hand and muscle fatigue.


  • High-Quality lightweight construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-vibration technology


  • Slightly high price.

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Reebok Unisex Crossfit WODies

WODiesReebok is one of the leading brands when it comes to Crossfit.

The Unisex Crossfit WODies is the latest offering from the company and offers good value for the user. It is made of high-quality materials for hard-working reliability.

There are stretch fabrics with mesh inserts between each finger for good ventilation and breathability. The Goat Leather and PlayDry technology used by Reebok hugely improves the grip and skin comfort.


  • High-quality construction
  • Provides good comfort and grip
  • Long usage life of the product.


  • Price

Rogue Mechanix

mechanixThe Rouge is a brand who works in the fitness industry for 20 years. They have created some good products in the recent time and one of them is Mechanix.

It is made up of durable materials and one can’t easily rip of this product.

The grip is very good for day to day fitness activities but when it comes to athletes the grip might be a miss or hit.

There is no fancy patented technology used in the gloves but it makes the job done. The one thing the user needs to consider is the stitching pattern comes apart after 3-6 weeks of usage.


  • Durable construction
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect fit
  • Good fit for regular usage


  • Poor stitching pattern
  • Average grip for athletes usage


emergeEmerge gloves are specially designed for athletes and hard workouts.

They are made up of durable materials and it’s very helpful during rough training and workouts.

The design is very simple and boring.

The gloves protect the user’s hand palm and fingers from the high stress and keep them comfortable all the time.

It has one of the best fit and ergonomic design which keeps the hand ventilated for optimal performance.

The grip is also very good and it perfectly suits for athletes as well as fitness needs. It is great pull up gloves.


  • Good Construction
  • Ergonomic fit and finish
  • Good grip


  • Marginally high price
  • Boring design language

Harbinger Power Stretch

Power StretchHarbinger is the company which well know for producing some good quality gloves for weightlifting champions. The power stretch is the latest product in the Harbinger portfolio.

They are specially designed and developed for athletic users and for their needs. ]

They are made up of good quality fibers and they provide enormous amount grip and comfort.

They are performance oriented it protects the user hands from various damages like hand rips, palm callouses, and other skin abrasions.

The construction of the product is very solid.

The product uses Harbinger patented SpiderGrip Leather technology for enhanced grip and also comes with adjustable wrist wrap.


Good construction

Enormous grip with patented technology

Adjustable wrist wrap


  • Long usage can lead to rips and tears of the product
  • Priced slight high compared to the other products

Mava Gloves with Wrist Support

mavaThese are made up of high-quality Neoprene material.

The added leather pad and strong silicon layer provide good grip and comfort. The design of the product itself patented by Mava and it provides high grip and protection compared to a conventional design.

It protects the user from hand injuries like skin abrasions, hand rips etc. The silicon wrist wraps are the best materials for hand grip and it improves the user’s workout experience.

The gloves are very lightweight and the user can barely feel in the hand. There is also a gym padding for the fitness users. This product is a perfect match for chin ups, pull ups, bodybuilding, dumbbells, rope climbing, chin ups, kettlebell etc. The user can also choose from various color options depending upon their requirements.


  • Good durable build quality
  • High protection towards injuries
  • Patented design language
  • Perfect match for gym use

The above options are one of industry’s best gloves available.  These products will fulfill most of the user requirements and no other product can match up with the above product.

If you’re a person who is in the field of athletics and sports then tit will be the best option for your workout protection and to enhance the grip.

It is not only for athletics and sports person but these can also be used for regular gym and fitness workouts as well. Overall be its a sport or a regular workout the above Crossfit gloves will be the best companion in every scenario.


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