How To Become a Zumba Instructor

black zumba instructor logoZumba enthusiasts tend to love the fitness program so much that interest in becoming a zumba instructor is often piqued.

But just how does interest evolve to action?

Well, in most cases, new Zumba instructors have some form of previous training experience or are currently trainers for some other type of fitness program.

For those people, fitness certifications and job leads are already covered. It’s just a matter of becoming certified in another program and adding that to their work routine.

But in the event you’re a blank canvas and Zumba will be the first program for which you’ll be obtaining certification, there are some extra considerations that will apply to you. In any case, the following guidelines apply to anyone interested in learning how to become a zumba instructor.

What is Expected from Zumba Instructors?

A certified instructor must have several specific abilities and qualifications in order to successfully lead his or her class.

First of all, the future instructor must be well versed in all of the essential Zumba dance movements.

Zumba instructors can’t fake their enthusiasm. So if you do not love Zumba, you should not become certified to teach it. A trainer’s love and enthusiasm in any type of fitness program is contagious, and that is an absolute requirement for your future Zumba classes.

In order for people to return, they must have fun and feel as though their leader wants them to be involved in the party. Again, you can’t fake that.

You also have to be comfortable leading a group. Being up on a stage or in front of a crowd with all eyes watching your every move is different than being in the front row of a class.

The good news, though, is that Zumba forgives occasional mistakes. You’ll forget a move or have to improvise on the spot once in awhile. As long as it fits with the music and remains fun, you’ll be fine until your brain catches up with your legs. Zumba certification does not discriminate. Anyone who can perform the movements and loves the program can become certified as an instructor.

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What Courses Do You Have To Take?

It’s important to note that there is no class audition involved here. There are no written test requirements.

There are also no dance or training prerequisites. You do not need an associates degree in physical education or a B.A to become a certified Zumba instructor. What do you need then? About $300 cash (depending on how early you grab your training spot) and an open 8-hour time slot.

There are several types of certification you can explore as a Zumba instructor. Each fitness option requires a different certification in order to teach the program. However, if you’re just interested in jumping in and beginning your training career, you simply need to take one class: Zumba Basic 1.

Basic 1 covers the 4 main dance rythms: salsa, cumbia, merengue, and reggaeton.

The program includes a 1 year instructional license to teach, and training for this certification can take 1 or 2 days, depending on your country of residence. In the event that your training is covered in 1 day, expect to be on your feet from start to finish.

The day begins with a master class. Then the 4 basics are covered, recovered, and performed until the you’re unable to breathe. This is a non-stop day of dancing. But if you can keep up, you’ll be certified by the end of the program and ready to instruct your own class.

There are several separate training programs that offer certification, and you can become certified in every one. But they each have their own requirements and can’t be completed on the same day.

Every new instructor must begin their primary certification with either the Basic 1 program or Zumba Gold.

However, there are some common sense tips to understand. First of all, ignore any website that claims you can instantly make a 6-figure salary once you become certified as a instructor.

Unless you’re certified in every Zumba program option, have instant access to the perfect facility, and cater exclusively to high-profile A-list celebrities, that’s not going to happen. Like any other profession, your new career will take patience and commitment to excellence.

But with the proper steps and the right support, you can make a decent living as a Zumba instructor. An important step toward this goal is joining ZIN, the Zumba Instructor Network.

What is the Purpose and Benefits of Joining ZIN?

ZIN is the core support network for instructors. Like all other jobs, has specific rules for its employees. There are set legalities regarding music licensing, personal choreography, and class design. It’s called the Zumba Formula, and it’s something all instructors must adhere to.

ZIN fees are $35 per month, and it’s not a requirement for instructors. However, it is heavily encouraged. What does that $35 per month offer instructors? Quite a lot.

Every two months, ZIN members receive 2 free sets of choreography, plus a dvd/cd set to add to their teaching repertoire.

Alternating months, ZIN members get a new Latin top 40 music fitness CD that is licensed specifically to cater to Zumba classes. You’ll be able to play this music legally whether you work at a private gym, teach one-on-one, or rent your own facility.

ZIN members receive their own set of fully customizable marketing aids, including posters, flyers, digital graphics, and business cards. Members are subscribed to Z-Life Magazine to keep up with current tips and trends. AND they get their own professional website which can be easily customized to their personality.

But the benefits don’t stop there. ZIN members also have access to extra training sessions not available to non-ZIN members.

The bigger the arsenal, the more you’ll earn. Non-ZIN members can only become certified in Basic 1 and 2. While those are good programs, there’s not much flexibility or career advancement opportunities without becoming a ZIN member.

As a member, you also get a significant discount of up to 20% on Zumba brand instructor clothing, shoes and merchandise. You can also become an affiliate and sell Zumba merchandise to your class for an extra income stream. That alone can more than cover your monthly membership fees.

Yes, it’s hard in this economy to come up with $35 extra per month, but the fees are completely tax deductable. Plus, the value of the DVDs and CDs are worth the monthy fees.

Of course, if you’re not already an instructor or trainer at a fitness facility, having a Zumba certification won’t automatically get your foot in the door.

You’ll need to become group certified to teach fitness courses and begin working in a decent facility first.

And then add it to your schedule.

However, you could do it all on your own and begin a private fitness business where you’re in complete control. As long as you join ZIN, you’ll have global-wide support in learning how to become a successful Zumba instructor.


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