Top 10 Popular Zumba Songs: Best Dance Playlist 2017

dancing zumba under a good sondZumba® now is offered in 140,000 locations around the world. Part of the dance workout’s wild popularity is the upbeat Latin music that moves people to step, bounce and shake away calories. Here’s a quick look at the top 10 popular zumba songs, according to iTunes sales.

Marioneta Zumba® creator Beto Perez sings, too! In this 2013 track, Perez teams up with Zumba® instructor Myrto Meletiou to sing in both Spanish and Greek.

Ice Ice Baby (Zumba® Remix) Just when you thought Vanilla Ice was gone forever, the ‘90s one-hit wonder is back … with a Zumba® remix of his one hit. The bass line, sampled from Queen’s “Under Pressure,” is considered the best in rock history.

Dance Dance Dance (Hip Hop)

Not to be confused with the Beach Boys hit, this catchy Zumba® tune is more hip hop than Latin.


Named after Brazil’s national drink, this trilingual tune was the anthem of the 2010 Zumba Instructor Convention.

Pa’ La Discoteka A Bailar

Taking inspiration from Colombia’s cumbia style of music, this song adds a techno flair to Zumba® workouts. Good luck pronouncing the title.

African Dream

African choreography is tricky and physically challenging, and this Zumba® track pushes dancers to the limit. Experts only.

El Amor El Amor

Fans of merengue dancing will love this intense cardio workout. El Amor El Amor is a blitz from start to finish.

Zumba® Mami – Reggaeton

If you’ve played the Zumba® Fitness video game, you’ll be familiar with this reggaeton single.

Zumbalicious Salsa

Salsa sounds add some spice to this one, proving you never can have too much cowbell.

Sweet Girl 

Definitely the most bizarre music video of the bunch, “Sweet Girl” once again features Zumba® creator Beto Perez and is shot all around sunny Miami.

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