The Power of Belief, Goals and Positivity

In the past, I remember speaking with my fellow Dragons about points I learned From Greg Amundson at the CrossFit Goal Setting Course:

If we remember, we spoke about Kaizen and BUIYATAOO.

Kaizen is being better than the day before. So, if I did 5 pull-ups yesterday, I want 5 ½ today. BUIYATAOO is the believing unconditionally in yourself and the ability of others. This is believing in ourselves and in our fellow Dragons to not only achieve our own goals, but to help others achieve their goals.

CrossFit encourages camaraderie, it institutes competition and it fosters caring for ourselves and more importantly our fellow athletes. For instance, how many of us get more excited when a fellow Dragon PR’s then when we do ourselves? Do we not cheer and rout for everyone to have a furious finish? Of course we do. That is because we Believe in each other and want each of us to go beyond our Goals.

Speaking of Goals. Greg defined a Goal as “a specifically desired end state, expressed in the Positive tense, which provides motivation, and direction on the path to achievement.” How many of us have set our goals? We all should have some goals we are striving for. In fact, I have several. Some are CrossFit related, some are life goals. Without Goals, what exactly are we doing? What are we striving to become or obtain?

Positivity. Some may ask what does this have to do with CrossFit, however, learning from Greg, it has a lot to do with it. Prior to WODs, do we say “I have devil unders to do, or we are doing double unders.” What mind manifests this? We have two minds:

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Subconscious Mind- habitual thoughts- auto pilot mind Conscious Mind- our active, controllable thoughts

Do we subconsciously hate double unders or do we consciously make that statement? Either way, how does the thoughts and words affect us? Mark Devine of SEALFit states “There are 2 dogs in our conscious mind. A Dog of courage and a Dog of fear. These dogs are very hungry…. Which do you consciously feed?”

Obviously, we want to feed the courageous dog. Devil Unders vs. Double Unders, which is harder? How, exactly, do we feed that courageous dog?

Through our Positive Self-Talk. When we create Positive mantras for when we are deep in a WOD or deep in a stressful situation in life, things become easier.

Remembering what we have done in the past, remembering what we have overcome, remembering when we PR’d takes over and tidal wave of confidence and comfort washes over us. We take a deep breath and fire back after it, (Breathe and Fire), feeding that courageous dog and Believing the Goal at hand will be accomplished.

5 Actions for Goal Setting and Positive self-talk as per CrossFit Goal Setting Course

  • Write Goals Down
  • Immediate Action Required: take a step to accomplish the goal, PRP work (personal research project)
  • Make Goals Public- tell others. This leads to accountability of ourselves, but support from our Dragon Brethren
  • When Accomplished-Acknowledge it: celebrate and appreciate your effort
  • Listen: to your thoughts/words-replace bad with good!

In the end, be Positive and Believe in yourself.

Coach Breeeze


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