Top 7 CrossFit Shoes For Flat Feet

Crossfit shoes for flat feet will help restore balance to your body and protect you against many of the potential injuries that running invites. It turns out, you can solve the problem by using the right  model and training with proper technique. Once I show you what to look out for, you can make the best choice.

How Can You Find TWhich Model Is The Best?

Manufacturer’s websites would usually be a first place to look, but many don’t even mention flat feet. How can you really know what you need?

In our opinion, these are the absolute  top footwear according to our research:

1. New Balance MX20V3


2. Inov-8 F-lite 230 Trail

3. New Balance M890v2 Neutral



nike zoom vmero-7

5. ASICS GEL-Lyte33

gel lyte 33

6. ASICS CrossFit GEL-Craze


7. Nike FREE RUN+

nike free run

Why Are They Good?

There are four things, primarily, that you should look at when evaluating, especially if you need the best.

The bottom

For this type of issues, it is incredibly important that you be able to grip and flex your foot muscles properly. A Vibram sole, or something similar, does just that and allows your foot to function in a natural way, fixing the flat foot problem.

Heel To Toe Drop

A 0mm drop will help you feel “barefoot.” This is the difference in height between toe and heel and is, in part, what gives them the “barefoot” feel. Flat foot problems come from a collapsing of the arch, which is problematic for runners. By running in a natural way you can fix the problem for good.

Comfort Factor

Comfort isn’t the most vital part of the best running shoes for fat fleet, but it is something that you should keep in mind. You want padding and a great fit, but nothing over the top. Too much padding will let you distribute your weight in a way that only makes it worse.

Supporting Your Feet

Too much support encourages problem even more, but the minimalist footwear that I’ll recommend have a small amount. With just enough to keep your feet from injury, you will be able to move further towards the natural technique that you’re aiming for.

The Verdict

These will keep your natural running technique intact and it is easier than you think to find the right choice. Now that you know the basics you can make up your own mind, but in general:

  • They should support your arches, but not so much that they encourage flat feet
  • No drop from heel to toe, making your feet naturally solve the the poblem
  • The sole should grip well and feature a tread that encourages a normal running technique

We’ve given you a list of the top five choices for people with flat feet, but you can make up your own mind about what the best option is for you, we just gave you the starting point.


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