Water Rowing Machines

WaterRower – Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

About The Model

Rowing is one of the best workouts that engages complete body and results in perfect weight loss. At the same time, the user also achieves good shape and structure while being at good health. The exercise also improves heart rate. Unlike the traditional rowing machines, the water rower natural is one of the models that is noticeably smooth.

Unlike conventional aerobic machines, the results obtained from water rower natural are amazing. It is made of oak wood that is consistent while making workouts on the floor.

The workouts not only improve heart rate, but also works almost 84% of muscle mass. This helps in complete toning and strengthening of the muscles. At the same time, calories are burned at high per cent when compared to any other aerobic machine.

In spite of engaging all the limbs at full extent during the workouts made by the machine, the user will have no impact on joints like ankles, knees and hips. The motions offered by the equipment range from fully expanded to fully contracted.

Features And Specifications

  • Handcrafted by solid ash wood, polished with Danish oil and honey oak stain.
  • Mimics boat moving through water as the model uses flywheel.
  • Series-4 performance monitor.
  • The material that is used for making the equipment results in absorbing the sound and vibration.
  • Dimensions as W X H XD are 84 X 21 X 22 respectively.
  • The model weighs 117 pounds.
  • Padded seat and smooth handles.

Working Style

The model is designed to have series-4 performance monitor. The operation is user friendly and the design balances technical sophistication. The screen can display about six information and programming windows, each mapped to six selection buttons respectively.

Also the system involved three navigation buttons that enable the monitor to display intensity of the exercise, heart rate, stroke rate, distance, duration and zone bar. Moreover, the model is compatible to heart rate chest strap and receiver, so that you can make better workouts to reach the target.


  • Stylish and trendy design
  • Thickly padded seat rail
  • Smooth handles for good grip
  • User can enjoy the feel of real boat rowing in water
  • Affordable, reliable and durable
  • One year warranty for frame and parts
  • Easy to operate and designed for occupying less storage space


  • The footrests does not offer proper grip
  • Calculates calories burned per hour but not the total calorie count
  • The feel of the pulley is not smooth

Customer Opinions

Customers are the real time testers for any product. Therefore, never ignore customer reviews when trying to buy a product, especially when trying to buy online. The product achieved an exceptional rating of 4.6 out of 5. This shows how outstanding the product proved to be.

Almost all the customers who bought the product are happy with its performance, and the results they achieved with the machine are amazing. Many customers recommend this product to their friends. Also, they observed that the product is reliable and durable.

Final Opinion

Water Rower Natural Rowing equipmentis great at its looks. Also,it attracts by its design and performance. The design helps to save storage place. According to customer reviews, features and specification details offered by the manufacturer, this is a perfect machine for those who want to really achieve good results.


H2O Fitness RX-950 ProRower Club Series Rowing

About The Model

H2O Fitness RX-950 ProRower Club Series is a high-quality rowing equipment that uses hydro power drive system technology. The machine is equal to a commercial grade quality, used at home. For users who are very serious about the workouts, this model is ideal.

The user does not need to make any manual and mechanical adjustments for making the workouts.

This model has the ability to offer natural adaptive resistance from the water to provide the amount of pushback that a user needs while doing the exercises. The feeling while on the machine just resembles the boat rowing over the waters.

The information displayed on the screen is easy to understand, easy to read and easy to operate. The information includes details like 500m split time, calories burned, time (strokes per minute), speed, distance and heart rate.

Product Features And Specifications

  • The product is RX – 750 home series.
  • Dimensions in W X H X D are 78 X 20 X 22 respectively.
  • Ergonomic design hand grip for comfort ability.
  • Easily fold-able with pivoting foot straps.
  • Polycarbonate water tank
  • Internal paddle system imitates the rowing in water
  • Easy to operate and easy to understand
  • Screen is over sized to display distance, speed, time, calories burned etc.

How it works

The water acts like the main resistance for the system. The model uses innovative technology, known as hydro-power drive system, that uses a polycarbonate water tank and inbuilt paddle system. Users can row faster for intense workouts and slower for steady workouts.

The natural adaptive system offers all the pushback that a user needs without the need to any manual or mechanical adjustments to fit the posture. It weighs 65 pounds and is easy to manage. The size of it is big enough to fit the entire family.

Positives About The Product

  • Life time warranty on the frame, 3 years on tank and seals and 2 years on all mechanical and non-wearing parts.
  • Monitor displays various kind of information and the screen is big.
  • Mimics the real rowing on waters.
  • Affordable price.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Good quality.
  • Best performance.

Some Negatives

  • Monitor is basic.
  • Customers experienced that the parts were demanding repair after the warranty period.

Customer Reviews

This is one of the greatest rowers. The customers who used the equipment gave reviews even after 2 years of using the machine. The product achieved 4.3 rating out of 5 stars, which is an outstanding score. Many customers are happy using the product because of the performance.

It is highly consistent and resembles any commercial equipment. The users also achieved great results from the workouts. Very few customers experienced wear and tear of the components after the warranty period expired.

Personal Opinion

It is always a wise idea to go with the customer opinions. The users of the product are absolute happy with its performance and feel that the product helps them reach their dream goal of achieving good body structure. After analysing the customer ratings, customer opinions, product features and specifications, the equipment is worth to be a part of selected list.


WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

Introducing The Model

It  is a wonderful gift by Water Rower. The product is a handcraft, designed by making use of ash wood, treated in a clear Danish oil. The solid ash wood has certain engineering properties as it absorbs vibrations and sounds.

The design includes black colored steel mono-rail. The monitor belongs to A1 series, a basic model that can be operated by five buttons. The material with which the equipment is constructed is known for its durability and reliability.

Product Features And Specifications

  • Basic A1 monitor
  • A warranty of 5 years on frame and 3 years on parts
  • Designed for high traffic areas
  • Self-regulated resistance
  • Handcrafted with solid ash wood, treated in real Danish oil
  • Dimensions: W X H X D: 84” X 21” X 22”
  • Product weighs 117 pounds
  • Enclosed water tank that provides a room for flywheel on top of it
  • Water flywheel
  • Single aluminum mono-rail design

How It works

The model is a home version that includes A1 series monitor for display. Monitor can be operated by 5 buttons in order to display various details like speed, distance, time, calories burned and many more. The machine is handcrafted by the use of solid ash wood, and mimics real rowing on waters, as it makes use of water flywheel. The flywheel is situated on the top of an enclosed water tank.

This offers quiet, smooth and self-controlled resistance. The noise and vibrations while making workouts, are absorbed by the solid ash construction.

Plus Points

  • Made of solid ash wood, treated in real Danish oil. So it absorbs vibrations and sounds and thus enables quiet workouts.
  • Flywheel results in smooth exercises.
  • Real experience of rowing on waters.
  • Stable while making exercises
  • Reliable and durable
  • Comfortable posture while doing the exercises
  • Stylish and trendy design
  • Easy to operate and manage
  • Five years of warranty on frame and three years on parts

Minus Points

  • It does not possess advanced features
  • The monitor does not display details about heart rate
  • Interval training is not present
  • PC interface is not present
  • Zone workouts are not possible

Customer Reviews

It is really surprising and amazing to see the ratings given by the customers for the product. The product achieved an outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5. The product is an apt and perfect choice for anyone who wants to use at home. Many customers are satisfied with the performance of the product and it is affordable.

Though the product does not possess advanced features, minimum features that are required for any user to know while rowing, are made available in this model. The model has won the hearts of numerous customers and had been recommended by many users to their dear ones. The model not only offered good performance, but also helped the users to attain good body shape, while maintaining good health.

Final Statement

After reviewing customer opinions and product rating, the model appears to be an ideal one for any user who want to make workouts at home.

The model is a home version and performs according to the specifications and features promised by the manufacturer. Therefore, WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine is one of the best choices one can ever make.


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