The Crossfitter’s Gym Bag – What Should You Include

CROSSFIT GYM BAG EQUIPMENTWhile there are a lot of decent looking bags out there, none seemed adequately suited for crossfitters like us.  Some look cool but are cheaply made.  Some are a little better quality, but the zippers break the second you put anything in the pockets and try and zip em up.  And most just don’t have enough compartments for all the super cool gear that a crossfitter needs. 

On any given day we might be doing barbell work, heavy lifting, gymnastic movements, jumping, sprinting, jump roping, rowing, metabolic conditioning, climbing ropes, hell, we might even do a swimming wod when it gets crazy hot outside!!!  This is what I love about Crossfit and is the reason I’ve stuck with it this long and plan on doing into my old age.  It’s also the reason we require a variety of totally cool gear.

Which brings me back to my bag hunt …My current “gym bag” if you can call it that, I think still has my little sister’s name on it and the name of her old volleyball team.  It’s embarrassing.  I’m never on the cutting edge of technology and rarely do I own the latest and greatest equipment, gear, clothes etc.

  Usually when I attempt to shop by myself I get to the store or mall, start looking around, get distracted, overwhelmed, forget why I am there in the first place, have a panic attack and end up leaving with something I didn’t need.  Like a fruit smoothie and a crazy hat from Spencer’s.  It’s ridiculous and unproductive at best.  BUT, I think I may have finally found the one.  One bag to rule them all. 

It is called the KING KONG BAG

It’s got all the compartments, 2 separate shoe spots, tough zippers and is made king kong tough.  “KING KONG…. AINT GOT NOTHIN… ON ME!!!” right?  From the movie Training Day?:)  

I’ve never actually seen one in real life though so my endorsement can only go so far, but I’m going to go ahead and order it and I’ll let you all know if it stands up to the hype. 

Also, the logo is a really cool little dude that looks like the old strongmen from way back in the day.  You know, the ones with the huge mustaches, the Speedos and the tall shin high boots like hulk Hogan used to wear while holding those dumbells with the oversized balls at the ends. You know what I’m talkin about?  It’s awesome.

Anyway, all this bag searching, then the ecstasy of finally finding one that I think will be my new bag forever has inspired me to compile a list of gear that crossfitters like you and me might want to have in our bag of tricks at any given time.  I’m sure I will leave some stuff out and may put things in there that you may not.  If this is the case or you have any additions or omissions please let me know.  It will be appreciated by all I’m sure.


1. Sports tape-to tape your wrists for OH Squats, Snatches, or cover blisters and boo boos.

2. Lifting shoes or flats AND Running or Cross Trainer shoes– use lifting shoes or indoor soccer type shoes or crossfit shoes (read more here) strength training.  Make your own decision about shoes for the wod based on movements, running requirements, etc.

3. Water!- Remember, even a 1% decrease in hydration can severely effect performance by as much as 10 PERCENT!!

4.  Journal– Track your progress!  Or use an app on your smartphones.  Several of us are using XFIT PR.  It’s available on IPHONE and DROID.  Log your workouts so you can look back and be impressed.

5. Band Aids, New Skin, Antibiotic ointment-it’s good to be prepared.

6. Callus shaver– you can find this in beauty sections of stores.  The Ped Egg works well also.  Keep callus’ shaved to avoid tearing.  Tearing really sucks and can be prevented just like forest fires.

7. Extra socks– because how many times have you gotten to the gym wearing sandals on a hot sunny day and forgotten your socks?  And those sexy long ones the Crossfit games girls wear for when they climb ropes.

8. Extra shorts– so you don’t have to go digging through the lost in found when you forget yours, or worse, when they split down the middle during your back squats:)

9.  Tennis ball, lacrosse balls, or something similar– to roll out “hot” spots on shoulders, lats, quads, or anywhere else that needs it.  We provide these for you at RSA but u never know when you need one.

10.  Post workout snacks (nuts, fruit, etc)- refuel as soon as you can after workout.  If you must hang around for any reason, it’s good to have something on hand.

11.  Jump Rope– really, size matters:)  So when you find your perfect rope, bring it with you in your bag every day.  We have em at RSA for general use but finding your own special rope is cool.

12.  Chalk-you can never be too prepared.

13.  Calculator– Need to know what 80% of your 1RM is?

14.  Stop Watch– in case you find yourself doing a wod outside of the gym or running 400 meter sprints on your own at the track.

15. Extra hair ties– for the Ladies.


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